3rd edition of the "AnimArt" International Festival of Animation Art
Lodz, Poland 29th September – 5th October 2017

AnimArtSTARTThe AnimArt International Festival of Animation Art is the greatest and the only Polish event dedicated to the animation art as a whole. The idea lying behind the festival is to praise the importance of the animation art that unfortunately begins to sink into oblivion. Its mission is to present the most precious occurrences and trends in the contemporary animation, comparison of the achievements of Polish, European and world artists from the puppet theatre and film animation.

In a way, the festival is a continuation of the International Festival of Solo Puppeteers and the TrotuArt International Festival of Street Art – both huge festivals organized by the theatre for 15 years which have been highly valued by not only the audience but also authorities and media.

The AnimArt Festival 2017 is comprised of the following parts:
Re//Master – a series of performances presented by masters of animation
Re//Animations – a series of performances entering the festival competition
Re//Actions – a series of open-air performances presented in the city area
Re//Activations – panel discussions devoted to problems of the contemporary animation
Re//Visions – exhibitions accompanying the AnimArt Festival
Re//Public – AnimArt Festival Venue at the Manufaktura Square


PRIZES of the 3rd AnimArt International Festival of Animation Art – within the Re//Animations part:

GRAND PRIX (c.a. EUR 2000) – for Best Performance
Prize for Best Animation
Prize for Innovative Approach to Puppetry Art

Prize for Best Puppeteer
Prize for Best Scenography
Prize for Best Music

Download the application form (zip/docx) or application form (pdf) regarding performances entering the festival competition (Re//Animacje)
It is essential for applicants that their performances use animation techniques.
The festival organizers provide the festival participants with accommodation and food during the whole festival and the performance fee of PLN 3000 (c.a. EUR 700).
The deadline for applications is 31st May, 2017.
All the materials will not be returned to the sender.

The Festival Office is located at:
the Arlekin Puppet Theatre
al.1 Maja 2
90-718 Lodz, Poland,
tel./fax +4842 633 08 94, email: sekretariat@teatrarlekin.pl

SEE THE FESTIVAL PAGE ON FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/FestiwalAnimart/



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